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Remember the ruccus that happened when J.K. Rowling announced that she was going to write another book? For adults?! Everyone went crazy, and it made me realize that a lot of my favorite childrens’ authors actually write books for adults too. I think it’s awesome that the same authors who really helped me as a […]

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I think it’s awesome when an author decides to do an adult book after the children’s book. Very exciting! Makes my inner bookworm dance.


Yes, Just Yes

Fuck, I love reading. I was raised by parents who were both voracious readers and avid book collectors (ask any of my friends about the antique libraries that were all over the house while I was growing up), and both habits have rubbed off on me. When I was a kid, half of my […]

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I think this woman knows my soul. She’s taking all the words out of my mouth and putting them on here about books. Great minds think alike. #Soulsisters

ARC NOLA 2017 Book & Author Event – New Orleans, Louisiana

My mom and I decided to go on a Mother and Daughter trip with Valerie Miller and her Daughter, Amberlyn Jane to this event. We have planned this for a little over 6 months and we are finally on our way to the event now! I don’t know if you can tell by my words but I’m extremely excited !!! The event is this weekend and starts this saturday.

There are going to be 35 authors and there is going to be something like speed dating with the authors in the morning. Then there with be autographs in the afternoon. I’ve never been to an event like this so this makes it more interesting and exciting to me and I can’t wait! The authors are going to be handing out swag so I can’t wait to see all of that too! I plan on showing and posting some picks of the swag I get from it, to show you guys.

I got business cards for the blog the other day from my local lithography store just in time for the trip so I’m hoping I can get some books for honest reviews.

Wish me luck! I’ll upload pics as we go! This is our first time seeing New Orleans so that’s a new experience as well.

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“Damn, girl! Your pockets are full!” Someone shouted at me. I was walking into the mall with my brother. I was thirteen, maybe fourteen. My brother laughed.  Then he yelled something to him in my d…

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Can’t believe some would even think it would be okay to think, let alone say or touch  a woman’s body. They should be ashamed of themselves.