Resonance: The Whispers Of Rings Book 0 By Catherine LaCroix +Marlena Mozgawa

Price: $3.99 Resonance (The Whispers of Rings Book 0) by [LaCroix, Catherine]

Page Count: 130 pages 

Category: Literature & Fiction/ Medieval Romance

Format: Pdf

Released: October 14, 2016

Publisher: Catherine LaCroix

Reviewer: Bibliofiles13


**** I got an Advanced Reader Copy in exchange for an honest review. ****

In the collection, Whispers are like a genetic mutation, but since it is medieval times they are like their own race.  During that time not a lot of knowledge was known of genetic mutation. I thought that to have that in a medieval time frame was pure genius. I have never read anything like it,  with that type of mutation …so that was thought provoking and incredibly fresh.

The whole idea and concept behind being a ring is really interesting and special. It is a relationship, and marriage between three people with at least one Whisper. The concept also reminds me of a contract between a dominate and a submissive in BDSM. It is complicated but in a rather beautiful way and I don’t want to say any more so I don’t spoil it.

I feel like as soon as I started reading I got rather attached to Josselyn rather quickly. I felt for her when things happened. There were some twists and turns along the way and I don’t know who was more shocked and upset, her or I. I can’t believe she was treated the way she was. I misjudged certain characters thinking that they were something that they were not then at the end turned my opinion around about them completely. I originally hated the one of the two and liked the other. While at the end of the book I hated the one character with a passion and loved the other with just as much passion. Funny how things work like that. All because of how they treated Miss Josselyn.

I even talked to the Author about those two characters because she was curious to see what I thought of them at the end of the book and if my opinions of them changed. Which, they had because I got to see more of their true characters and I didn’t need to see which character was a good person and which wasn’t. I won’t name those two characters because it will be up to you to find out who those two are by reading the book and then commenting below. This is a great book and if you want to be taken into a new world that is set in medieval times where all is not what it seems then this is the book for you.

Here’s a link for you to get this wonderful book:

Buy The Whispers for Rings on Amazon

In case you didn’t guess already…. 5 stars!!!


Now a little something extra and new that I’ve never done before, but wanted to try. 


I wanted to try something new and it involves the talented Marlena Mozgawa who did the book cover and some other cover art for lovely Author Catherine LaCroix. I am really excited to show the art that Marlena did for Catherine for the first book here and I will link her website so you can see her other work. Let me tell you all of her work is amazing. Her portfolio is pretty bad ass and I don’t know how you can be happy with yourself if you don’t go and look after this. She is a  portrait artist and illustrator that does freelance and is based in Poland. You can contact her through her website and follow her with these links: (These links are directly from her website!)


Follow her on:

Buy prints and other goodies on:



Marlena Mozgawa


Thank you for reading this! I appreciate it 🙂 Check out Catherine’s book it is so interesting, I just can’t say it enough. Oh! Also, check out Marlena’s website because that girl has some mad skill and the link is above. Thanks again!

Here is the link again if you’d like to buy the book or get a sample.

Buy The Whispers for Rings on Amazon


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