Their Analysis of Armadale

An introduction to a classic Victorian novel Will the real Allan Armadale please stand up? Armadale, Wilkie Collins’s longest novel (and he wrote quite a few doorstops), was serialised in Cornhill magazine between November 1864 and June 1866, and published as a two-volume novel in 1866. It took Collins two years to write. Like another […]

via A Short Analysis of Wilkie Collins’s Armadale — Interesting Literature

Sounds absolutely intriguing and will be added to my ever-growing TBR List. I haven’t ever read any Victorian Classics so, that’ll be something new for me.  The analysis definitely makes the Classic seem fantastically spun with interesting characters. I can’t wait until I have time to get my hands on a copy of this tale. It’s always exciting finding a new book to read.

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