My Thursday ( the 27th) Book Haul From My Local Dollar Tree

Alright, so here are the books that I got. The picture is of them on my bed, surprise! #Bestplaceforreading




I swear every time I find books at the Dollar tree I just get so excited. I mean they only cost $1 each plus tax !!! Just “makes you wanna throw your hands up and shout…” !! Or jump up and down and/or dance like the gif below. ūüėÄ ( From the British show Black Books, check it out, it’s hilarious! With Bernard, Manny and Fran ‚ô• )

yay books

I didn’t even plan on buying these when I went, but, it happened. #Bookwormproblems

My mom was actually a good girl and didn’t get any, but, I had to go down the isle to fix the arrangement of the books, because they were all haphazardly put on the shelves. Like, really? Have some respect for these books you are not supposed to just throw them on the shelf after you are done looking at them. Geez. So you know I had to go down that isle and fix them and what do you know? They had new ones in that looked interesting! And naturally I got 7.

So the first one I got is a small paperback collection of three books in one called, ¬†Yours For Eternity by Hannah Howell, Alexandra Ivy and Kaitlin O’ Riley. It is about vampires, of course, because who doesn’t love a good vampire story or three?

Yours for Eternity (Guardians of Eternity Book 7) by [Howell, Hannah, Ivy, Alexandra, O'Riley, Kaitlin]


The second book I got is ¬†a hardcover and is called¬†The Way We Bared Our Souls¬†by Willa Strayhorn. It is about five teenagers sitting around a campfire and they trade totem symbols. By doing that they also trade each others problems and other things…


The third book I got is a paperback called¬†The Spiritglass Charade ( A Stoker & Holmes Novel )¬†by Colleen Gleason. ¬†This is the second book in the¬†Stoker and Holmes Series.¬†I sadly couldn’t find the first book in the series which is called¬†The Clockwork Scarab.¬†This book is about two women who are related to two famous people we know and love: Bram Stoker and Sherlock Holmes.

The two characters are named Evaline Stoker and Mina Holmes. Mina is the niece of Sherlock and Evaline is the sister of Bram.¬†¬†So these two ladies just naturally happen to be in the vampire hunting and mystery solving business. Sounds fascinating, right? And look at the beautiful cover! I’m just in love with it.

Product Details


The fourth book I got is a paperback called¬†300,000,000¬†by Blake Butler. It is about a psychopath that has many followers to help him do his dirty work by kidnapping women to bring to his house for him to kill… then put in his basement. This man also happens to have an alter ego. “Keeps getting better” are the song lyrics that remind me of how this book with horror will be. Plus I had to get it because the cover is just beautifully done. ¬†I mean just look at those brushstrokes!


The fifth book I bought is a hardcover copy of¬†The Mirk and Midnight Hour¬†by Jane Nickerson. It is actually the second book in¬†The Strands Book Series.¬† I didn’t find the first book for this series either, which is called¬†Strands Of Bronzes and Gold. What is it with finding good books in the middle of a series?! #Bookwormproblems

This book is set in Mississippi during the Civil War and includes a laudanum addict, love, and mystery that happens to involve some voodoo. Oh and the cover is just so intriguing. You see why I had to get this?

Product Details


The sixth book that I bout is a hardcover called Five by Ursula Archer. This book is about a  dead woman being found with a combination of strange letters and numbers tattooed on the bottom of her feet. These just happen to be coordinates to another location to perhaps another murder. This is literally a game of cat and mouse between the murderer and detectives that involves riddles and clues. I just had to get this because I want to see if I can solve it before the detective characters do. I love when that happens.


The last book I got is a hardcover called¬†Sew Iconic ( How to Make 10 Classic Hollywood Dresses)¬†by Liz Gregory. ¬†This is a sewing instruction book that I happily found on the bottom shelf hiding from me. I think someone was hoping to come back and get it, but it’s too late because I got it now babe! It also happens to have 10 full size patterns that I can use to make each of the Hollywood dresses it talks about making. If any of you didn’t know already, I love anything to do with sewing, so this is a little treasure to find. It also happens to be what I have a degree in so that makes it wonderful to have found a book with patterns and instructions, because yay!

So that is the end of the awesome book haul that I got. Comment below if you have any of these and/or have seen them in your local Dollar Tree. I plan on reviewing these once I am done reading and reviewing books that I am currently busy with. I just can’t wait.

Happy reading everybody !!


flipping through a book

Currently Reading: The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin


I just started reading this about an hour ago and I’m already on pg.114. I can’t believe it is so good already. I bought the hardcover from my local Goodwill for $0.69 and I am so glad I did… because wow. I can’t even form logical sentences at this point.¬† Damn son.¬†

I didn’t even realize that it is the first book in The Mara Dyer Trilogy until I looked it up to see if there would be more when I finish it. All I keep thinking is if the book is already this damn good at pg.114, how can it get any better? With more books, duh!

Anyway, I just had to share that, but now back to reading. ūüėČūüėā