Things Fall Apart (The African Trilogy #1) by Chinua Achebe

Price: $9.50 (used from Amazon)

Page Count: 216 

Category: Contemporary, Literature & Fiction

Format: Paperback

Released: 1994

Publisher: Chinua Achebe

Reviewer: Bibliofiles13


It Just Happens-



I read this as in high school as it was part of an english assignment we had to do my sophomore year. So I am forever grateful that it was a part of the curriculum. I am not sure that I would have found it otherwise and that saddens me because it is one of my favorite books of all time.  The book is about two stories that are connected. One part is of a man in a tribe in the center of Nigeria and another is where European missionaries come along to his tribe and deconstruct his world.

Throughout the book it talks about how society is and how man is and how tradition is and how different their cultures are. Things Fall Apart also talks about when some groups or cultures are stronger than others, they just  take over and things get changed and life moves on. Or as others say “things fall apart” if you don’t quite want to go with how things are changing.

The book makes you think, makes you angry, it just makes you want to do things because it doesn’t end the way you want it to. This is a controversial book that is heartbreakingly tragic but is beautiful anyway because it just seems more realistic that way.  I am surprised every time I read the book on how powerful the words feel. It almost feels like that world I am reading of is real and I am there, watching.


I gave this 5 stars, of course.

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