Three Books That Will Break Your Heart, But Help You Grieve


So I know I just did a whammy of a title but that is what these three books did to me so I decided that why not have a title like that? I mean let’s be truthful here. Everyone has lost someone in some form or another and these helped me through it and I fucking love these books. I may only own one of them but damn, I’ve read all three and no regrets.

Since I just lost my cat 2 months ago I am feeling the grief and thought what better time to do a post like this than now? Someone else out there might need to read this, like I need to write it, so here I am folks.  Oh and I guess I forgot to put these three on as favorite books on the last book tag… oh well. Forgive me, for I am human. 🙂

So I’ll do a review for each and state why it will break your heart but help you grieve. I’ll start with my most favorite out of them which also happens to be the one that I own.


Thirteen Reasons Why

I bought this 3 years and 21 days to the day after someone dear to me committed suicide. I thought it would help me understand what the fuck she was thinking when she did that. Because when anyone close to you does this all you want to know is why? why why??? Well, in this book it shows how even the little things that happen around someone can be a cause for making another add to why they can’t stand being around.  You see when people do wrong, and don’t bother to fix it, it all starts to add up. Well that bothered the character Hannah,  a lot.  This book shows Hannah’s story through her cassette tapes with her 13 reasons why she thought she had to commit suicide and why she did. It was completely heart aching to read because it is being inside the mind of the depressed suicidal person who is just stating why they have stopped caring because the world is fucked up and that their soul is too damn sensitive for it. So she was saying goodbye to Clay with those cassette tapes because she was going home and that was her closure and whether or not he got his closure was up to him.

So it breaks your heart because you get to see what that person was going through but helps you grieve and understand since you get to see a different perspective besides your own. Albeit it is a messed up one, it still helps.  It helped me process everything a bit better, and I also cried through the whole book which really helped too. Thirteen Reasons Why started a good healing process for me.  I feel like every time that I will pick it up I will understand it a bit more. So I couldn’t help but give it 5 stars.

I haven’t watched the Netflix original series yet but I plan to, after I reread the book, of course.


If I Stay (If I Stay, Book 1) by [Forman, Gayle]

I borrowed this one from the local library so I could read this one a few years ago when a different relative passed away. I was grieving and I wanted to see if there was a choice for the relative to stay or leave would they? I mean Mia, the character had the choice even though the rest of her family died tragically in the car accident and couldn’t ever come back, she could possibly. I was fresh from grieving and in my first year of college and I started reading this, hoping beyond hope that she would stay because if my relative could have picked, I am pretty sure they would have. You see I was heartbroken about my family and hers because neither hers nor mine was coming back so at least I could root for Mia.

I just loved how Adam would always go up to see Mia too, whenever he could. I am close to my family as well so I admire that.  I just loved this book in general and how Mia struggles with the decision on whether to stay on earth with Adam and finish out her life and dreams and goals or go and pass on to be with her family. It is about how she is grieving herself for the life that she lost with her family. It is about everything. It is such a beautiful book that is so emotional and heartbreaking because you don’t know what choice she should make but it helps you grieve because life is full of choices that are sometimes out of your hands. Like this one, because you can’t make choices for other people. I gave this book 5 stars.


Where She Went (If I Stay, Book 2) by [Forman, Gayle]

I also borrowed this book from my local library.  The lovely follow up to If I Stay.  In the follow up it shows that she stayed just not with Adam, sadly.  I know, right?! Who else loved them together? They both made large careers separately then they meet up one night and the results are interesting. This book is heartbreaking as well because Mia and Adam are still dealing with the aftermath of the accident even years later and are trying to live normal lives separately until they run into each other. Then things take a turn afterwards, this last book will help you grieve because it is always better to face your past than to run from it or trying to bury your grief because then it just becomes too much to carry or hold. Don’t be so foolish and don’t be with the wrong person just because you don’t want to be alone either ( cough Adam).  I gave this book 5 stars.


Thanks for reading this post and I hope you enjoy these books and possibly help you with your grieving process if you are grieving.

I wish you all well.


Bibliofiles13 ❤

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