Alone With You (The Walker Brothers Book 2) By Amanda Adams



Price: $3.99Alone With You (The Walker Brothers Book 2) by [Adams, Amanda]

Page Count: 164

Category: Romance, Literature & Fiction

Format: Kindle

Released: May 2, 2017

Reviewer: Bibliofiles13



-Only Wanna Be With You-





*** I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. ***


If I thought that Crash and Burn, the first book was an emotional rollercoaster, I was dead wrong. This book, this book though! Oh where do I start people? Alone With You made me cry so hard one minute, then I’d be chuckling the next. I would be crying because of the heartbreak of what the characters were going through losing someone and then they would turn around and make me laugh so damn hard I would almost spit my drink out. Now this wasn’t just with the Walker brothers losing their mom, this is the heartbreak that happens throughout the book. Just also funny moments that happened between the characters that were just way too funny not to laugh at.

The Walker brothers are seriously hilarious, it honestly makes me a little envious that I do not have them as siblings to tell you the truth. All of them bring their own sense of humor to the table that just makes it all great and it is so funny to listen to them go at it when the get together.

So to say the least this book was emotionally draining. It was beautiful but damn woman! Give a gal some warning next time that the second book in the series is going to be more intense than the first book so I can prepare myself emotionally. I was happy with how it ended but by the time I was done with the book I wanted to go to bed because I felt emotionally wrecked like I had been through the wringer. Sometimes it can be really rough being an empath but I will give this the 5 stars it deserves. Definitely give this book a try it is worth the blood, sweat and many, many tears.