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Hello everyone! We were nominated by the lovely lady   Snow White Hates Apples  for this award. Thank you Aria! We have never been nominated for an award before so we’re really excited!!! We thought your 7 facts about you were funny by the way. We are kind of similar. Especially your number 4. 😂  That was great.

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7 Facts About Annatasia 

1. I am such a bookworm… So I have physical books, two different types of  nooks and a kindle fire. I have at least 100 physical books that I know of, 10,000+ kindle books and at least 5,000 to 8,000 books on my old nook. I have way more books on my new nook, the samsung tablet but I don’t know how many… I know it’s a lot, but I can’t help myself. I needs them. So. Bad.

2. I am extremely into watching Supernatural. I just love them. I think they are hilarious and I love the music that is played. The dynamic between Dean and Sam is great as well. Oh and I love baby. I watch them on Netflix all the time. I am currently on season 10. Here is Dean for ya freaking out in front of Cass. 🙂


3. I read more than I can keep up with reviewing, so I am behind on that. Although I am slowly working on reviewing books that I have read long ago like Things Fall Apart.

4. I am an empath. I feel the feelings, thoughts, pains and many many others things of other people and animals. Sometimes it can be overwhelming but I think it is a gift. This can be very helpful for me and many people. Not very many people know this about me but I think that people should, it is something worth talking about. It is a beautiful thing to have and share.

5.  I love being outside but for some reason whenever I am outside  little birds seem to think it’s okay to shit on me. Birds always do this to just me even if there are other people outside with me, they will gravitate toward me and shit near me or on me. It just happens. It is always the little birds that hate me, I really don’t get it. The larger ones are fine with me but the little ones not so much.

6. Most of the time when I read I react to everything the characters do by laughing or talking back to them. Or yelling maybe even crying. So most of the time I look like a nut job in public but I guess it’s always good to keep the people in the real world guessing, right? Someone has to keep them on their toes. well i guess I cant hide my crazy

7.  I am a night owl = I prefer the night time instead of the day time. I really don’t sleep much and I have insomnia so more than likely my posts will be done at night time or late afternoon. If not then I have scheduled them during the daytime because I am tricky.  Cue wicked laugh…



7 Facts About Tracy

1.I have a nook and a kindle just like Annatasia does. Our nooks are the nook color, the new Samsung nook tablet 7 and the kindle fire. By the way my kindle fire is purple and hers is black.

2. I struggled with reading in first grade so I had to get extra help and once I learned how to read there was no stopping me.

giphy-downsized (1)

3.I go through periods of time where I read book after book but then I’ll stop reading books and I’ll read articles online. Or I’ll read magazines and newspapers and then eventually I go back to books. It is a never ending cycle.

4.I can read more than one book at a time and keep all details separate. Annatasia does this too.

5.I don’t like spoilers so if someone else is reading the same book as me but is farther than I am I don’t want to know anything. Don’t tell me any twists!

6.I still buy real books sometimes even though I still have 200 or so that I still need to read.

Bernard dancing in the room full of books.gif

7.I am thinking about subscribing to a monthly book subscription but I am still trying to figure out what one.

Now remember that you don’t have to participate if you don’t want to this is for fun and because we appreciate you and your blogs.  ❤  Enjoy!  


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