September Update and Other Lovely Things…

This post is going to be kind of large. Or at least it will be jumping all over the place like the spaz, that I am today………So I just wanted to warn ya’ll ahead of time. Alright! Let’s get to it!


you wanna be starting something


Heh heh anyways…

First things first. My TBR List and how I am doing with it.

We all know that I finished NERVE and here is the review link if you haven’t check it out already and want to:

I am currently on pg.117 with The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins and damn,  I’m lovin’ it! So good! It was the perfect thing to read this time of year. thriller

With The Harry Potter Series, I am still on the fifth book at pg. 82. I haven’t gotten very far with it and that makes me kind of sad. I wish I would be further because I just adore the series so much.  ❤


I am not very far on Lover Unleashed by J.R. Ward either but that is also getting really good. Simply action packed and fascinating and of course some heat and love interest. Hubba hubba.

man showering hubba hubba

I am no further on The Unbecoming Of Mara Dyer, sadly.  So I am still currently on pg.152 with that book.  I don’t want to talk about it.

i dont have a good answer

I just started Up All Night by Amanda Adams. Which is the ARC I have and is due at the end of October. I am excited to see where it goes since the other Walker brothers have been AMAZING! I mean I was all over the place but it was so worth it. I mean, come on who wouldn’t love that?

gimme gimme more

I finished my ARC of Solace by S.L. Scott. I’ll be doing a release blitz post tomorrow for it as well as my review for it later tomorrow night. Again, here is what the ebook will look like. The models did a good job, didn’t they? Good chemistry. Yum.


I wanted to tell you guys that I have been a naughty girl this month. So I have added more books to my TBR List for the month. I know, you can slap my wrist. I don’t know what came over me… but I just saw these and I had to start reading them and or finish them from a long time ago. Some of them are from that haul I told you about a bit back and some are not, some are new buys. This is why I might not finish my set TBR List of this September. Although there is always next month. Don’t hate me just slap my wrist, you’re gonna love what books I tell you about. I PROMISE! When I have the time I will do reviews on here for all of them so you can’t get too upset with me. Pwetty pwease with all the candy goodness on top? 😀

The New Books That I Just Started Reading Besides Up All Night

Product DetailsProduct DetailsProduct DetailsProduct Details

  • With Quickie, I’m at 5%, which basically means that I am on the first page of the book. hahaha
  • With Sext, I’m at 33%
  • With Lip Service, I’m at 64%
  • With Take Me, I’m at 14%
  • And let me tell you about these books my people, they are steamy, I mean steamy babe, well at least the last three are. I’ll get back to you on the first one. 😉

Finished Books That Need My Reviews From This Month When There Is Time


SolaceFrontProduct Details     Product Details              Product Details

Product Details


Product DetailsProduct Details

Websites You Should Checkout

This first website, I get many free books from and a lot of them are ARCs from authors and it is a good way to sign up for their newsletters and know what is going on in their particular worlds. It comes very handy. Some, if not most of you possibly already know of this site and it is called Instafreebie. All of the books are for free. For FREE. FREE BOOKS. YES HONEY.  Here’s the link.

The second website is the Amazon giveaways listings site. They giveaway all kinds of things: books, earrings, bedding, tents, clothes, food etc. Almost anything you can think of. There are things on there that I thought was odd, but was like “hey someone else might want it, but I sure as hell don’t.” I am not sure if you knew of it or not but if you didn’t before… you do now.

Books I’ve Won Lately From Amazon Giveaways

Keep in mind that these are all ebooks, but you can win all kinds of different things on there including physical copies of books. It is an awesome site.


Product DetailsProduct DetailsRomances from the Heart: Darcy and Elizabeth Short Stories Collection 1 by [Dixon, P. O.]  Product DetailsProduct Details

A New ARC Was Offered To Me

I accepted of course because it sounded so interesting!!!! There is no time limit when the review is due so I am going to be finishing it after the two Amanda Adam books, aka the Walker Brother books. So here is the lovely book the is the new ARC that we can look forward to in the future!  ❤ I just love what it says on the cover. Sign me up !

Product Details

With All These Books I’m Feeling Pretty Pleased With Myself


all I do is win win win no matter what


Thanks for reading my post and I will be posting something new again tomorrow! Have a good one!! 😉

Don’t forget to read something good and tell me about it. I’m all ears. :p


Until then, I’ll be writing my Solace review so it can be ready to be posted tomorrow.  BaH!


Bibliofiles13Sig  ❤


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