Popular Books With Unreliable Narrators Worth Checking Out: What Do YOU Consider Unreliable?

Some of these I own and have read and some of these I just own but haven’t had the chance to read yet. Others I would like to read but do not own yet… yet is the key word my people. Only one of these I have reviewed and it was for this month! Which is what inspired this post. These books I found were shelved on multiple Goodreads shelves as Unreliable and I have to agree with them even though a lot of them ( alright most of them) I haven’t read. Just check these out! Each of these have a blue link below that have a link to Goodreads that shows the blurb of the book and you can see for yourself. Then come back so we can chat here about it. #BookDiscussion So let’s get to it.  😉


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Oh and just to warn you, this is a long post with 30+ books on it! ENJOY my honey bunches of readers ❤  !!!


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Now here are the books:



  1. The Bell Jar  I have wanted to read this for what feels like a lifetime and this came out when? 2005 was it? God, I was in 5th grade, but let’s not talk about then… moving onward!

    The Bell Jar (Paperback)

  2. The Handmaid's Tale  I have to read this before I actually watch the show. Otherwise it’ll just mess me up! I mean, hello! Why do they have to come out with these things when I’m not ready? #BookwormProblems

    The Handmaid’s Tale (Paperback)

  3. Luckiest Girl Alive  Just another book added to my TBR List. That pile is scary.

    Luckiest Girl Alive (Hardcover)

  4. The Thirteenth Tale    I own a copy of this in paperback and sadly have not read it since it is packed up from my last move. I hope to unpack it soon and read it! How hopeful does this sound? I am seriously crossing my fingers on finding it.

    The Thirteenth Tale (Hardcover)

  5. I'm Thinking of Ending Things  This honestly reminds me of a book I read in high school called   Cut by Patricia McCormick.  That book is really good. It made me cry. I have honestly never read I’m Thinking Of Ending Things, but if it’s anything like Cut, I’ll love it. Plus it’ll be darkly beautiful and tragic and make your heart ache but sometimes the best books do that. That’s what Cut did to me when I read it in high school and I need to read it again. Although it may possibly have triggers for some people about self harm.

    I’m Thinking of Ending Things (ebook)

  6. Unravel (Fairfax, #1)  I read something like this in highschool, but there were monsters in it and the main character kind of slept around a lot while killing the monsters. So she was possibly losing her mind plus monsters and sleeping with multiple guys but with a purple cover and by a different author. I can’t remember what that book was called but the girl on the cover was wearing a bright yellow dress with a contrasting purple background cover.

    Unravel (Fairfax, #1)

  7. White Cat (Curse Workers, #1)  This really is fascinating that they choose a white cat instead of a black one. So what are you saying? Hmm? Narrator? Are you trying to confuse me some more? I don’t need help with that. Thank you very much.

    White Cat (Curse Workers, #1)

  8. Slaughterhouse-Five  I swear I have started this before but I can’t find the damned book. How is this book anyway?

    Slaughterhouse-Five (Paperback)

  9. Challenger Deep  This just brings me deja vu and I don’t know where from.

    Challenger Deep (Kindle Edition)

  10. In a Dark, Dark Wood  This is like a mix of  the movie Split, Red Riding Hood and The Forest. There I said it. Between the cover of the book and the blurb, that is what I am guessing what it is like. Anyone who has read it out there can prove me wrong. I don’t know that is just the vibe I am getting. What do you think about it? What does it say to you?

    In a Dark, Dark Wood (Hardcover)

  11. The Little Stranger  I feel so oddly fascinated by this one, between the blurb and the cover. I just think this book will be great.

    The Little Stranger (Paperback)

  12. The Drowning Girl  This book just makes me feel like it is a new a different, maybe modern version of Alice in Wonderland. Except Alice is the one who is mad instead of the hatter. What do you think? I haven’t read it but that is what I am getting from the blurb possibly.

    The Drowning Girl (Paperback)

  13. The Basic Eight  I didn’t even know that this was written. WHERE THE HELL HAVE I BEEN? I think I must have been living under a rock. I mean, it talks about absinthe and its hallucinatory effects. what? WHAT?! Someone get me this book or I’m gonna hyperventilate. Where’s my asthma inhaler?! Damn. Damn.  I don’t think I’ve been this excited since… shit I can’t even remember. So a little fact about me: I am a nerd when it comes to chemicals and/or plants. Or things that involve chemicals and possible killers, that just fascinates me to no end. I need this book. I needs it.

    The Basic Eight (Paperback)

  14. Rebecca   I personally own this in hardback, but have not read it yet. It is packed up somewhere after my last move. I am slowly going through my books and hopefully I will find Rebecca or The Thirteenth Tale.

    Rebecca (ebook)

  15. I Am the Cheese  Oh the title! I think I’m in love, and hungry.

    I Am the Cheese (Paperback)

  16. Gillespie and I  Such a lovely cover for an odd book, don’t you think?

    Gillespie and I (Hardcover)

  17. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn  I never had to read this in school, that I remember, but I would still like to some day.

    The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (Paperback)

  18. The Haunting of Hill House  I love a good spooky book. Maybe for next month.

    The Haunting of Hill House (Paperback)

  19. The Wasp Factory     Oh dearie, he’s a right nutter, I think. I still want to read it though. It’s a bit like seeing into the mind of a killer. I want to know why. I just don’t get why someone would kill one person let alone three.

    The Wasp Factory (Paperback)

  20. A Clockwork Orange  What a mess. And at what cost?

    A Clockwork Orange (Paperback)

  21. The Collector  Well, this is a bit like Lolita, is it not?

    The Collector (Paperback)

  22. A Head Full of Ghosts  I’ve read The Exorcist, and this sounds just as fascinating if not more.

    A Head Full of Ghosts (Hardcover)

  23. Vanishing Girls  DNF.

    Vanishing Girls (Hardcover)

  24. Dark Places  There really needs to be a book santa out there or a book fairy out there that specifically sends books to people on randoms days just because. I pick this book for october to go to everyone who likes this kind of book. DO YOU HEAR THAT BOOK SANTA/FAIRY?!?! I PICKED ONE FOR OCTOBER FOR EVERYONE WHO LIKES MYSTERY/THRILLER BOOKS, OKAY? OKAY. THEY ARE COVERED. INCLUDING ME. THANKS. IF YOU NEED HELP AGAIN JUST ASK US WORDPRESS PEOPLE WE KNOW OUR SHIT. THANKS. BAH.

    Dark Places (Hardcover)

  25. Belzhar  I just love this damn cover! It has ALL of the THINGS I love. Well mosts of the material things anyway. If only it had some photo albums and some other things then we could start adding people and animals…

    Belzhar (Hardcover)

  26. Gone Girl  Got this for my mom for Christmas or her birthday a couple years back and she still has to read it. I need to as well. She is a September baby. #ShoutOut to #SeptemberBabies because she already had her birthday this month. 😉 I got her two books, a phone case and a one-minute gratitude journal yall. Phone case is on the way and I still have to order the journal.

    Gone Girl

  27. The Girl on the Train  This was the inspiration for the post everyone! Since I just finished it for my September TBR List. What a great book! I own it in paperback too, so if I want I can reread it to my heart’s content as many times as I like.  #WINNING

    The Girl on the Train

  28. The Silver Linings Playbook  I want to read this so bad and my mom has it on her nooks so I need to borrow one of her nooks sometime. Ugh. The need to read it is strong.

    The Silver Linings Playbook

  29. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest  I have to finish reading this, it was a library book from another town and I had to return it because I was moving  so I couldn’t finish it. Now I don’t remember most of it. Like, what? That was over a year ago. Damn it Jim.

    One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

  30. The Catcher in the Rye  YOU Guys! This is one of my favorites of all time. I don’t even care that it is on this list!! Seriously! I own a pretty old copy of this and I love it to pieces, it is PRECIOUS. I even do the special voice for it and everything. LOVE IT.

    The Catcher in the Rye

  31. Fight Club  I didn’t even know that there was a book out at first, I just knew of the movie. Don’t worry! I haven’t seen the movie yet nor read the book so nothing is spoiled. Just thought it was interesting I came across the movie first at a friends house. Funny how that works. 😉

    Fight Club

  32. Lolita  I don’t know about reading this one, it sounds interesting but at the same time creepy with the whole age thing and kidnapping. Why does it have to be a classic? What the hell people?


  33. The Great Gatsby   I own a ebook copy of this and have yet to finish it. I can’t for the life of me remember what page I am on. Although I did have to read it for school so it is not that bad. So no wrist slapping here. 🙂

    The Great Gatsby

  34. Life of Pi  I am not sure if I really want to read this or not. I am still undecided for this book.

    Life of Pi

  35. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time  I really want to read this, it sounds adorably funny. Plus I wonder if he would be like Sheldon.

    The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

  36. Shutter Island  I tried to read this before, but could not get interested in it because of its narration or how the author wrote it. Although I do see myself trying to read it again in the future when my patience is better. It was a few years ago, but I am still not feeling it.

    Shutter Island


Let me know what you guys think of this post and these books. They are just fascinating to me. I can’t wait to read most of them when I have the time. Let me know what you think about the books and if you consider their narrator’s unreliable or not. I’d like to know.

 I have more ARCs that have been given to me, so I am excited about that. I can’t wait to start reading all of these books so I can eventually share them with you! This is just wonderful! I hope you have lovely days and evenings! Thanks for reading!

Until next time.





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