What I Look For in a Villain! — the orang-utan librarian- What We All Should Look For

Hello again! I’m back with one of my favourite topics… BAD GUYS! Specifically what I look for in a villain. Now, if you’re expecting a list like: tall, dark, handsome, brooding… prepare to be disappointed. What I look for in a villain is slightly more complex than the surface level stuff. I’m not going to […]

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So, do you agree ? Should we all look for some of what she said? Or all of what she said? She makes some really good points.


Acceptance Of The Egoist

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Page Count: 62

Category: LGBT, Thriller & Suspense

Format: Kindle

Published: October 18, 2018

Publisher: Nero Seal 

Rating:green star rating system:green star rating system:green star rating system:green star rating system:green star rating system 

Blurb:  Screenshot_20181022-181104


It Takes A Lot To Know A Man…


**** I received this book as an ARC to give my honest opinion. ****



Screenshot_20181022-181141 These images were taken directly from my phone screenshots of the ARC off my kindle app. THEY ARE NO PROPERTY OF MINE. THANK YOU. THE WORDS ARE NOT MINE EITHER.  They are Nero Seal’s.

When I started reading this I was really interested in what I was going to find. I honestly didn’t think I would find as much as I did. My expectations were set low so I wouldn’t be disappointed but I was so happy with how this extra piece was ! I felt all of the warmth and love in this part and I’m so glad.  I knew that Kuon and Yugo would get THERE.

I also knew that Kuon would accept him eventually even though this started out and just kind of is in general a bad romance. The kind that has revenge, loving, betrayal, all the things to make a great bad romance/drugs involved movie. I can just hear Lady Gaga playing right now but at the same time there is passion, beauty and vulnerability with these two men.

When reading this extra part you get to see more depth not just into their relationship but also into them alone as a character. Almost like we’re reading their souls. It’s moving and humbling, sad and almost feels like a hallmark or lifetime movie.  Again with the movies.

I guess it just seems to real with the beauty and the ugliness that you could see this happening. If you can see that and feel that, then you know youre reading something good.