Kissing & Telling: A Friends To Lovers Romance (Breaking The Rules Novel Book 1) by J.L. Beck, Cassandra Hallman and Jenna Reed

Price: $3.99
Page Count: 190
Categories: friends to lovers
Published: January 3, 2020

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green star rating system
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Everyone knows the rules of friendship, right?

Rule #1: Don’t kiss your best friend.
Rule #2: Don’t have sex with your best friend.
Rule #3: Don’t pretend like it didn’t happen the next day.

Bailey Renshaw is my best friend.

Kind. Sweet as a peach, and so beautiful it should be a crime.

Since we were kids I’ve wanted her, and one time when we were nothing more than teenagers I kissed her. It was the first mistake I ever made in our friendship. Giving her my heart and hoping she felt the same were my second and third.

That night she broke me, ripped my heart out of my chest and stomped on it. Anyone else would’ve hated her for it, but it only made me value her more, and realize that I would do anything I could to keep her in my life even if it was only as a friend and nothing more.

As a permanent resident of the friend zone, I promised myself that I would never cross that line again no matter how badly I wanted to, and I wanted to, badly.

Every time she smiled at me, licked her pink lips, or flashed her doe eyes my way I came a little closer to breaking the rules again… but I didn’t. I couldn’t do that to us. Until one night when we decided to break the rules together.

One Earth shattering night together and I knew nothing would ever be the same.

Friends, or lovers? I don’t know what we are anymore. The rules no longer apply to us.

Now the only question is, can we fix what we had before it’s too late or is our friendship over for good? And all because of one single kiss?

**Complete standalone with a happily ever after. Don’t miss out on all the gooey goodness this book has to offer.**


**** I got this book in exchange for an honest review. ****

The idea that sleeping with your best friend won’t change the friendship is crazy. Six changes everything once you become lovers and that’s what these two did. They went from just being beat friends to being best friends and lovers and boy were they passionate. You could tell that Bailey and Elijah loved each other the whole time.

I loved these characters and I didnt want the book to end . I went through all the emotions they did. It was a rollercoaster of them and it was beautiful. I loved every minute of it.

The ending was suprising to say the east. I want expecting that to happen but I was happy with it.

So will they keep the friendship ? Or will this all end it disaster? Find out by preordering a copy.

Breaking You: A Dark College Bully Romance (A Blackthorn Elite Novel Book 2) by J.L. Beck and Cassandra Hallman

Price: $3.99

Category: Dark College Bully Romance

Format: kindle

Published: December 20, 2019


green star rating system
green star rating system
green star rating system
green star rating system
green star rating system


They say there is always a calm before the storm. A time when you think you’re safe, protected from the destruction that you know is going to eventually come. Harper was that calm. And I? I was the motherfucking storm.

As kids we were best friends. She was the light to my darkness. I used to protect her from her bullies, now I’ll become her most feared one.

Seeing her for the first time after three years was like a bucket of ice water being poured on me. It chilled me to the bone, making me irrational, angry. No longer is she a little girl but a grown woman with curves and eyes that pierce my black soul.

No one knows the darkness that lingers under the surface, all they see is my smile, my charismatic charm. I’m the all American golden boy.

Having her back in my life is awakening something inside of me. She reminds me of everything good, everything I’ll never have and I refuse to let her stay.

She has to go and the only person dark enough, dirty enough to scare her away is me…

Breaking Harper isn’t as easy… I thought I knew everything, turns out others are just as good at hiding their secrets as I am.

Damaged, dark and falling off the deep end. Will I break her? Will I break us?

“Sometimes the scariest monsters aren’t those that hide in the dark. Sometimes they’re the ones hidden right in plain sight… like me.”

Review :

****I recieved this book for free in exchange for a honest review.****

TO start off the book may have SOME TRIGGERS.

Warren is a bully to Harper because of a past incident that Harper is unaware of. Warren and Harper have a past together that was romantic. Now Warren wants nothing to do with her and is cruel, possessive towards her.

Harper is a strong character since she has to deal with Warren. She has a strong backbone. She loves him even though he is cruel but he has some redeeming qualities that make you not totally hate him.

I like how the book ended it was perfect for a bully story. Do they break each other or do they fall together? Read it to find out.