Marshall Dollar Tree Haul

I found these books at the Dollar Tree in Marshall, Michigan. Each book is very different from the other. I kind of selected a variety of books, and I’m happy with what I picked out.

So what are you reading ? What is on your TBR list?

Let me know in the comments.


Currently Reading and What’s Next

Currently Reading:


How cool would it be to find yourself living inside your favorite video game?
Wait. What? No.
When the monsters you battle become real, so too does the pain.
You’re going to get hungry, thirsty…and hey, just where are you going to sleep tonight?
Imagine combining very real needs in a world that you must battle monsters and villains simply to stay alive. Three strangers find themselves trapped inside a fantasy world. Each must complete a quest where they will be left with the choice of returning to their miserable lives, or stay and become a part of the magical world of Ashtelon.
But wait…it’s not so simple as that. (It never is.)
A low-level NPC decides he’s tired of the monotony of his life and will do anything to escape. Then he learns of a ring that will grant the bearer access to the real world, where he can live as a king. In order to do that, he needs to use every bit of magic at his disposal to bring the unsuspecting into his world.
Meanwhile…An elite knight, Dareyou, who everyone thought was just another player, needs the help of her newfound friends. When she refuses to aid an evil dryad, he puts a curse on her. But wait! One more thing…her subscription is nearly over. Once that happens, what will become of her? Will she cease to exist or be forever trapped in this world.
Together the friends fight to not only get Dareyou home, but to keep the evil from escaping the fantasy realm. In order to do that, they’ll need help from both outside players and NPC’s. But wait, how? Ever talk to an NPC? No? Because you can’t. Now you see the real dilemma.

What I’m Reading Next:


At the center of a small-town unsolved disappearance lies a terrible secret with consequences that will shake the halls of power in Washington

When Elizabeth Grant returns to rural Mississippi as a family favor, the nightmares about her missing childhood friend Loralie return. This time, her reluctance to accept what her instincts have told her for years–that she has some kind of psychic ability, and Loralie is dead are combined with dire warnings and indications of foul play.

But Elizabeth’s quest for answers uncovers greater evil at work that reaches to the highest levels of the government.