A Light Beyond The Darkness by Mikel Wilson

Kindle Price: $4.99

Page Count: 99 pgs

Category: YA, Fantasy

Published: August 13, 2016

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟


A strong Amazon is wounded in a war. Little does she know, that this wound would bring someone to her that has been watching over her. This being will test her loyalties, and turn her life upside down.

Will she fight this war before her? Or fall to this wound? See if see fades to black or becomes the light beyond the darkness.


Thunder, Feel the Thunder

I got this book as an ARC, in exchange for a review.

Alright, so I read this pretty quickly, and it was an easy read. I found it really interesting, but lacking some background information on some of the characters. I needed more, don’t get me wrong, but I want more information on the first original characters, I need more depth. That’s why it’s 4 stars, instead of 5.

Now, for the good part: the praise. I loved how Hybrid watched over the Amazon and protected her, that’s so sweet. So it’s a love story inside of a young adult, fantasy novel. That leads to much more than you think it would. The world is pretty complex, but simple genius work at the same time. Like, some sort of magic.

I became enthralled with the book and couldn’t put it down for long. I thought one thing was going to happen, and then, Plot Twist × Plot Twist × Plot Twist × Plot Twist. So many of them! I didn’t even see the little Plot Twists that came along, so it was unpredictable, and I loved that! Then it ended and I was like … what?!

Shut the front door?! It did not just end that way. But, there were no more lines. I was like, noooooooo !!!! Although, there are more books to the series, I wanted more of an ending of book one, so book two could start new and fresh. Surprise! That’s not what happened. So I’m a little miffed by that, if I’m being honest.

I do get a ARC of the second book, so I’m all good. I don’t have to wait, thankfully. I’m glad I get to continue it, because I definitely want more. I want updates about the characters and the realm. I want to know what has happened since book one and so much more.

Do I think that you’ll like it? Yes, but remember it is for teens, and YA. That’s all I’ve got to say. You better pick up your copy now!


Baby and Solo by Lisabeth Posthuma (audiobook)

Baby & Solo


Joel’s new job at the video store is just what the therapist ordered. But what happens if the first true friend he’s made in years finds out about What Was Wrong With Him?

Seventeen-year-old Joel Teague has a new prescription from his therapist—a part-time job—the first step toward the elusive Normal life he’s been so desperate to live ever since The Bad Thing happened. Lucky for Joel, ROYO Video is hiring. It’s the perfect fresh start—Joel even gets a new name. Dubbed “Solo” after his favorite Star Wars character, Joel works his way up the not-so-corporate ladder without anyone suspecting What Was Wrong With Him. That is, until he befriends Nicole “Baby” Palmer, a smart-mouthed coworker with a chip on her shoulder about . . . well, everything, and the two quickly develop the kind of friendship movie montages are made of. However, when Joel’s past inevitably catches up with him, he’s forced to choose between preserving his new blank slate persona and coming clean—and either way, he risks losing the first real friend he’s ever had. Set in a pop-culture-rich 1990s, this remarkable story tackles challenging and timely themes with huge doses of wit, power, and heart.


Baby and Solo was a really good book about mental health, and living in the 90's. I really enjoyed this audiobook. There are some twists to this book that I didn't see coming until it was already done.  A lot of things that happened in the book that I didn't see coming, but I was interested in it nonetheless. 

I voluntarily reviewed this audiobook.

I hope you enjoyed my review!

Immortal Illusion A Transylvanian Vampire Romance (Lost Royals of Transylvania Book 1) by Alexa Whitewolf

First off I want to start off by saying that, yes this did remind me of Twilight a little bit, but not really. This book is way more complicated, than Twilight. I love this book so much. I was sad when it ended. I adored all of the characters except for two of them and it wasn’t really their fault , they were wrote that way.

The characters were so complex that it made you feel like they were people. This book was wrote with great detail. I feel like Immortal Illusion was one of the best books I’ve read this year.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout, and am voluntarily leaving a review.


Claimed For The Alien Bride Lottery by Margo Bond Collins


I thought I’d escaped being given to an alien warrior. I was wrong.

I was one hour away from washing out of the Alien Bride Games.

None of the Khanavai warriors had chosen me, and I was scheduled on the next shuttle off the filming station.

But then a bright red alien passed me in a hallway—and the next thing I knew, we were all over each other.

Bad enough that my name had been drawn in the Bride Lottery.

Now, even though they’re supposedly over, I’m back in the Games. And not the usual ones, either—a whole new set of challenges, just for me.

Guess it’ll make for good television back home.

I just hope I can resist him long enough to get back to Earth, to the people I love.

And that I can keep him from learning my most desperate secret.

The odds aren’t looking good, though…


* spoilers *

I really liked how different this alien book was. I mean the aliens were red, and they had specific names for themselves. Plus, they had their own honor code. It was very interesting.

I liked the idea of a bride lottery, and bride games to get the man. That’s very creative, and fascinating all on its own. This book was full of suspense because of the horde, and if they would come back. Which they did, and they are up to something, which is no good for the brides.

This book reminded me of The Brides Of The Kindred Series by Evangeline Anderson. Both this book, and Evangeline’s series have aliens that get brides from earth, and they get their mates in a similar way. This I found to be pretty cool because I love The Brides Of The Kindred Series.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout, and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Santa’s Baby By Lorelei M Hart


Noel’s photography business is thriving. Every single slot in his Magical Christmas photo shoots were booked and paid in full. He is looking forward to the best holiday season yet…until everything falls apart. A gas explosion destroys his location, the owner of the reindeer he booked changes their mind, and the Santa he hired decides he’d rather visit Hawaii than fulfill his contract. Now he has two days to relocate, re-set, and rehire. What he really needs is a little bit of Christmas Magic.

Alpha Christopher, affectionately known to his friends as Santa, is completely ready for the holidays with just over a month to go. Having never happened before, he’s unsure what to do with his spare time when a friend shows him the perfect thing to occupy his time: Help Wanted: Santa (reindeer not required but a plus). He applies ready to spread a little Christmas Magic.

When Noel meets Christopher, he hires him on the spot. He is absolutely perfect for the job, even without his picture-perfect sleigh and adorably obedient reindeer. He also stirs something inside Noel, something he long gave up hope finding again: love. 

Santa’s Baby is a super sweet with knotty heat MM Mpreg Holiday Romance featuring a photographer who has everything to lose, a Santa who may just be the real thing, more Christmas cookies than anyone should eat in a lifetime, a magical sleigh ride that leaves more than just Santa’s bag being filled, Christmas wish lists a mile long, a Christmas miracle or two, including an adorable baby on the way. If you enjoy true love, fated mates, a little bit of whimsy, and your mpreg with heart, download Santa’s Baby today.


This book was such a cute little story to read. I loved reading this. Everything went perfectly in Santa’s Baby. The characters Noel, and Chris were thought out really well, and were well detailed. Noel is my favorite character since he was the photographer and had the eye for shoots. Chris is a great guy too , he’s great with kids. Then somehow Santa gets involved. This book put me in the Christmas spirit and I think that’s what it was meant to do.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout, and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Trick or Snowstorm by Megan Wade

A Parody Romance

This book was a cute parody of Frozen. I really liked all the characters in the book except Erica. I just felt like Erica was one of those friends that always has issues and needs to be “saved” all the time. Other than that I really liked this book, I couldn’t stop reading it once I started it. Megan Wade did a good job with details too , I felt like I was right there with the characters. I hope that others will pick up this book to see what it’s about like I did because it’s a good book.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Halloween Vampire Hunt: A Short Story from the Halloween Hearts Collection by Margo Bond Collins

The book was about a vampire hunt on Halloween. I liked the main character but I wish there was a little more description about her. This short story is a good one it gives you enough story but leaves you wanting more. I just wished it would have ended a little differently.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.


HIS Gift by J.L.Beck and C. Hallman

Price: $0.99

CATEGORY: contemporary romance

Format: epub


green star rating system
green star rating system
green star rating system
green star rating system
green star rating system


***** I got this book for free in exchange for an honest review. *****

Miles and Rose had an instalove story. She was naked and wrapped in a bow around her midsection and was presented as a gift to Miles. As soon as Miles seen her he was protective of her and wanted her and all she was was confused and scared.

He is normally a tough scary man but around her he melts and becomes kind and gentle. She becomes a strong character. I like how when they become closer they become better people in general. This is a great novella and I hope other people see that.

Hurting You by J.L. Beck and Cassandra Hallman

HURTING YOU by JL Beck & C. Hallman
Release Date: January 17th

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It was such a shame that she was in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

She knew that we would come for her.

We had seen her delicate face that night, hidden in the shadows, and she had seen what we did, her gasp of horror giving her away.

She was perfection, beauty, and oozed goodness but that wasn’t going to save her from us.

No one could ever find out our secret, which meant we needed to get rid of her.

But killing her wasn’t an option and scaring her into silence wasn’t as easy of a feat as we expected. She was strong, resilient , and smart doing whatever she could to evade us.

Thus without even knowing it she turned it into a game, and so we became blood thirty wolves.

Run and we’ll find you. Keep our secret and you might live.

That is until someone else finds out what we did…

**This is a standalone DARK bully romance. This book contains scenes that may be triggering to some readers. This is not a YA romance novel and should be read by those only 18+ or older. **

About JL Beck:
J.L. Beck loves good books, wine, and coffee. She’s a lover of words and when she isn’t writing you can find her working on her newest book baby. She started her publishing journey back in 2014 and hasn’t stopped writing since. Living in Wisconsin with her husband, two kiddos, and dogs she wouldn’t trade them for anything. Well, maybe…

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About C. Hallman:
Born and raised in Germany, C. Hallman moved to the United States when she was eighteen. She’s now a stay-at-home-mom to three boys, and happily married to her husband of 13 years. With a love for reading, that love slowly transpired into writing she put fingers to the keyboard and started writing about the dark side of romance.

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Price: $3.99

Category: Dark College Bully Romance

Format: epub


green star rating system
green star rating system
green star rating system
green star rating system
green star rating system



When I started reading this I was surprised by how much I liked Easton and Cameron. At first they were just doing what they had to do but then it got serious and personal. Stella was a strong woman too and she stood up to them. I really liked this story and I loved how the guys were basically night and day in their personalities. I think Cam is my favorite though out of the two men. I liked that there was give and take between Stella and the men. I would recommend this book to anyone who loved a good romance that was a little different than a normal romance but just as good and plenty interesting.