Review Policy

We read and review books that we buy, borrow, find as freebies, and or receive as a gifted copy. We might like to read and review the same book with your permission. However, if you request just one reviewer then we will respect that. 

We are not given any monetary compensation for the reviews that we do. We write these reviews for everybody’s enjoyment. We try not to limit ourselves with reviewing books from one source or one genre.


We will use a 5* Star System

1* We just couldn’t get into it and finish – up to a 5* It was Amazing and will blow your socks off!

What We Can’t Promise:

We can’t guarantee that we will…

  • Finish reading a book
  • Like a book
  • Read and write reviews quickly
  • Finish reading and reviewing books within the same amount of time as other books. Some books take longer


We are currently unable to do blog tours, guest posts, spotlights, or interviews at this time.


We prefer either kindle or nook ebook format due to the amount of physical books we own. If the book is not available via kindle or nook we will require a printed copy of the book.  We do not accept pdf documents.  We will consider all requests. My Co-Reviewer and I reserve the right to decline any request. Thank you.